Welcome to the WORLD of Jacquelyn Ford Morie

I hope you enjoy the many varieties of my artwork shown here.
In addition, here are links to a select number of my talks and presentations over the years.
I am available for Keynotes and panels that fit with my expertise and interests.


keynote for Gatherverse 2022

The Once and Future VR for AWE with the Museum of Other Realities: New Realities


The Fluid Realities of the Future

Keynote at the IEEE GEM Conference, Galway, Ireland. August 2018

Binding Memory & Emotion: Science, Story & Scent Panel with Saskia Wilson-Brown and Avery Gilbert at SXSW as part of the IEEE Tech for Humanity Series. Austin, TX. March 2018.


Esalen Digital Raign Reality Summit, Invited Speaker. Esalen. September 2017.

Inventing a New Medium Keynote at Upload VR for the VR Community. October 2017.

Emotion and Affect in VR. Panel for the 2017 ACM SIGGRAPH Conference, Los Angeles, August 2017.

Enhancing the Connection of People to Their Environment: Making places meaningful and special through virtual technologies. Talk at Augmented World Expo, Santa Clara, CA. June 2017

Learning from the First VR Boom to Be Successful Now Panel at SXSW, Austin TX, March 2017.

Pioneer Women in VR: Exploring the Frontiers of Virtual Reality. Panel presented by Women in Games International and Survios. Culver City, CA. January 31, 2017.


The Gestalt Nature of Perception. Panel Participant Virtual Perception? Presented by VRLA at the Mack Sennet Studios, November 2016.

Using Meaningful Play to Impact New Technology Applications. Keynote for the International Meaningful Play Conference, East Lansing, MI. October 2016

Virtual and Augmented Realities: A Few Thoughts. Talk at the GigaOhm Summit, Austin, TX. October 2016.

Virtual and Augmented Realities: A Few Thoughts. Talk at Singularity University, San Francisco. October 2016.

Considering the full User Experience for VR and AR. Invited Keynote for the San Diego UX Speakeasy meetup. Carlsbad, CA. July 2016.

VR and AR: Past, Present and Future. Invited talk for the Orange County ACM Chapter. July 2016.

VR and AR: Past, Present and Future. Invited talk for the Columbia College Transmedia Summer Program. Raleigh Studios. July 2016.

Scent and VR. Invited Keynote for the AIX Scent Fair presented by The Hammer Museum and the Institute for Art and Olfaction. May 2016. The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA.

VR in Space  Panel moderator. Humans to Mars Summit. Washington DC. May 2016.

Digital Hollywood. Women in VR Panel. May 2016.