1984 MFA “Integrated Fantasies”

Picture Postcard for Martha was the first computer artwork I made for my Master’s thesis, which I started in 1983. This thesis was an investigation into making unique images that combined the low resolution graphics on the new “color” Apple II computer with traditional photographic elements. I would photograph the computer screen from the back of the room with a telephoto lens to minimize the curvature of the CRT monitor. I used slide film, which I would then take into the darkroom to produce composite images combining traditional and computer images. Sometimes the resolution of the pixels was too coarse, so I would move the camera to blur the image, or place low tack Zipatone screens on the monitor to give the illusion of more pixels. The red wiggly line in some is actually the monitor light tracing the path I moved the camera during the long exposure! The full (but short) thesis can be downloaded here: Morie MFA Thesis 1984

picturepostcardformartha1983 throughtheportal1983

Picture Postcard for Martha 1983         Through the Portal 1983

            saradidnotcryhouse           Elena-Web       

                Sara Did Not Cry/House 1983                     Elena’s World 1983


                    Jacki at Castlegate 1983                 The Prince at Castlegate 1983

                    science_for_jacki            immaterialforce1984

Science for Jacki 1984                    Immaterial Force 1984

spacechildimpact         dasenergy

Space Child/Impact 1984                              Das Energi 1984

ruleofthehouse1984         throughtheshadowbox1983

The Rule of the House 1984                   Through the Shadow Box 1984

triangle      Heroine    map-of-the-dancingplace

Triangle 1984                               Heroine 1984                                       Map of the Dancing Place 1984